Project Description

TDS WAT Slope Stability Evaluation

Travis County, TX

Beyond performed geotechnical field investigation, laboratory testing and embankment/slope stability analyses for a Texas Disposal Systems WAT containment area, about 1.5 miles west of an existing landfill site in Creedmoor, Texas. Geotechnical field investigation included 12 soil/rock borings to depths of 30 to 85 feet below top of embankment/slope, and NX wire-line rock coring into the native Claystone bedrock.

The project was under an accelerated schedule and required a large number of laboratory tests including 5 direct shear, 18 triaxial UU/CU, and 11 unconfined compression tests on soil and rock samples. Due to the configuration of the containment area, slope stability analysis needs to be conducted along 10 profiles.

Through proactive communication with client, Beyond was able to accommodate the lab testing at our Round Rock lab, which is equipped with 20+ GeoJac and 6 Triaxial load systems for automated/accelerated geotechnical laboratory testing. Beyond lab personnel and geotechnical engineers collaborated seamlessly in sample review, lab assignment, test sequence and geotechnical data validation/analysis. Beyond completed geotechnical evaluation report within 5 weeks of exploration enabling the Client to expediate the construction.

Classifications: Geotechnical investigation: drilling, soil sample, rock coring and logging by field geologist, soil/rock laboratory testing, embankment slope stability analysis