Project Description

US54 over Canadian River Bridge Replacement

Logan, NM

The new bridge was 735-foot long and supported by two piers/columns and two abutments bearing on deep foundation systems, consisting of a total of 24 drilled shafts with embedment depths of 53 to 87 feet and shaft diameters of 48 to 60 inches. Beyond provided geotechnical engineering support services by performing drilled shaft construction inspection and assisting NMDOT resolving construction related issues encountered during drilled shaft construction, including reviewing Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL) results on all shafts. Beyond engineers also inspected embankment slopes to identify drainage issues and embankment instability/landslide.

Beyond on-site geotechnical engineer collaborated closely with Structural EOR, NMDOT State Geotech Engineer, NMDOT PM and General Contractor, and proposed a shaft installation sequence that avoided interference or cross-contamination between shaft excavation and concrete placement at nearby shafts.

Classifications: Geotechnical engineering support during construction, drilled shaft construction inspection, review of Cross-hole Sonic Logging (CSL) results, and embankment inspection.